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Daniel is a psychic from a long line of Gypsy heritage.   He has had over 31 years of experience with the metaphysical.  At age 4, he was able to interpret the meanings of the stars in the sky with relation to specific lives on earth and could sense beyond the physical.  Since then, he has strengthened his abilities through the teachings of his mother, Mary tarot, a powerful woman, who encouraged the study and practice of such rituals as aura healing and angelic, fay and astral realm communication.  Daniel has practiced numerous religious, spiritual and metaphysical traditions throughout the world.

A session with Daniel would involve communication with your angels and spirit guides, among other methods (which may include, but is not limited to, dream interpretation and tarot card readings), to deliver important information to you and answer questions you may have. Daniel’s main objective is to deliver information you may need to transform your life so that you may live to your highest potential.  He is also able to inspect your home for spirits.

Call (323) 217-9382 Thank you!